What happens after the Via de Cristo weekend?

You may attend Via de Cristo only once in your life, but you are asked to build on it for the rest of your life. After you have attended a Via de Cristo weekend you are considered a Fourth Dayer (meaning the rest of your life), and you are encouraged to:
   1)  Expand your inner spiritual life through study and church participation.
   2)  Become more active witnesses for Christ in your daily life.

Via de Cristo also offers two ongoing means of perseverance:
   1)  RENEWAL GROUPS, small groups of men or women who meet regularly to study, pray, share
        and help one another in their quest for spiritual development.
   2)  ULTREYA, gatherings of the local Via de Cristo community for encouragement and fellowship.


Keep an open mind and heart in making your decision to attend Via de Cristo. Many of those who have attended also wondered whether they should go. Now that they have attended, they want to share this wonderful gift from God. Please understand that their experience attending Via de Cristo was unique, and all the conversations in the world will not become a substitute for your weekend. You need to experience a weekend yourself to obtain its full and life enriching value
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